(1) 4 Line Truck Car Vehicle Lettering Auto Decal Custom 13" x 35" Back Window

  • $22.45

(1) 4 Line Rear Custom Window Business Vehicle Vinyl Lettering Decal 13" x 35" * Ready to apply graphics that advertise your business name, phone number, website or tagline * 1 set of 4 lines of custom vinyl lettering up to approx 12-13” high x 32-35” wide * Graphics come evenly spaced and ready to apply at one time * High quality exterior 6-8 year durability vinyl * Colors vibrant all the way through * Designed to fit back windows of most cars, vans & trucks * May also be installed on body of vehicle * May be installed on building doors or windows * Easy to follow instructions included    Easy to Order!
1. After purchasing and paying, email us the name, phone number, website or tagline.  Example:    APPEALING SIGNS YOUR PHONE NUMBER WEBSITE TAGLINE  
3. PICK A FONT NAME FROM THE PICTURE CHOICES ABOVE. Example:  ARIAL BLACK   (We can also do custom sizes and fonts.  Please contact us for more information.)  
4. PICK A STYLE FROM THE CHOICES BELOW. Example:  Style 1   Style Choices   Style 1 Style 1 - 1st line is arched   Style 2  Style 2 - 1st line is straight   Just a reminder:  Please email us with the following information:   1. Line 1 = Name,          Line 2 = Phone Number.               Line 3 = Website        Line 4 = Tagline   2. Color 3. Font 4. Style