4 Line Custom Window Lettering Decal Business Retail Graphics Large Your Info

  • $65.95

4 Line Custom Business Retail Window Lettering Graphics Decal Large Your Info Ready to apply graphics that advertise your business name, phone number, website or tagline -        4 lines of custom vinyl lettering to fit proportionately up to 58" w  -       Graphics come evenly spaced and ready to apply -        High quality exterior 6-8 year durability vinyl -        Colors vibrant all the way through -        May be installed on building windows -        May also be installed on body of vehicle -        Easy to follow instructions included & Proof will be supplied once payment is made. -        Can also be installed on smooth surface painted interior walls    Easy to Order!   1. After purchasing and paying, email us the name, phone number, website or tagline.  Example:    APPEALING SIGNS YOUR PHONE NUMBER WEBSITE TAGLINE   2. PICK A COLOR FROM THE PICTURE CHOICES ABOVE  Example:  White       3. PICK A FONT NAME FROM THE PICTURE CHOICES BELOW.  However, white is the best color for visibility both day and night. Example:  ARIAL BLACK   (We can also do custom sizes and fonts.  Please contact us for more information.) 4. CHOOSE A STYLE FOR THE 1ST LINE Straight or curved     Just a reminder:  Please email us with the following information:   1. Examples:          Line 1 = Name          Line 2 = Phone Number          Line 3 = Website          Line 4 = Tagline  2. Color (If no color indicated, we will send in white) 3. Font (If no font is indicated, we will send in Arial Bold) 4. Style (If no style is indicated, we will send in straight line)